How to Get Your Husband to Notice You Again

How do I get my husband to notice me?


You come home with a new haircut and 2 days later your husband looks at you and says:  You look different…did you change something??  Or does your husband only notice your new haircut because your kid was the first one who noticed?   Are you starved for your husband to notice the effort you put into taking care of the house, the kids, your healthy fit body, etc. etc.?  If you’re beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get your husband to notice you, then let’s look at 4 simple steps you can take:

1)  Notice him

We all want to feel seen, heard and appreciated — it’s human nature.  So if you want him to notice you, then you sure as hell better be noticing him.  Some ways to notice him could be: a compliment, inquiring about his day, showing interest in something that he’s interested in, listening to him with attention (ie: eye contact, body language), etc.

2)  Couple time

How is he ever going to notice you if there is no alone couple time??  Whether life is too busy with work, kids, friends or other life obligations, it is imperative that you have alone time together so that you can connect.  If the two of you are connecting, then he’s most likely noticing you.  Oh and by the way: if you’re the one who mostly does all the planning, then please stop whining about it.  This isn’t about keeping score – it’s about the end result!

3)  Sex

NO - I’m not saying that you should be all Mad Men and be waiting at the door in a negligee with a martini for him.  What I’m saying is that sex is one of the most simple and primitive ways that your husband can connect with you (hence notice you).  Furthermore, sex won’t hurt you either considering all the health benefits (ie: decreased depression, increased quality of sleep, release of bonding hormones, etc.).

4)  Tell him

Again, he’s not a mind reader and to be honest, he may be totally clueless that you feel unnoticed.  So if all else fails, be smart and simply share with him your honest feelings.  But remember – these are your feelings (not his), so be careful to not attack him regarding his unawareness and instead express to him what you need.


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