4 Ways of Living that Sabotage a Wife From Being Smart

Yes, I confess that I have been M.I.A. from here the past 2 weeks.

Some of you may be wondering, “Really Carin, WTF have you been!?!”

The short of the long is that I had a some immediate administrative  curve balls to deal with in my private practice and I had no other choice but to put all other work, writing, etc. on hold.  That said, I surrendered to the paper shit storm and guess what?  It sucked.  Actually, it sucked bad  and maybe even beyond bad.  In fact, here’s a visual of how I felt:  Picture a 3 year old old girl tantruming on the floor with her arms and legs legs flailing in the air screaming, “I. Don’t. Want. To. Do. This!!!!”

Yup.  That’s how I felt.  I hated every minute of having to let go of my schedule.

However, my torturous surrender was smart.  Letting go of my need to be in control was very very smart.

Why?  Because it forced me to look at the 4 Ways of Living that Sabotage a Wife From Being Smart:

1) Striving for perfection –  It just doesn’t work.  In fact, it will do the opposite by creating a more stressful and anxiety ridden daily existence for you and hold you back from growing and evolving.

2) Assuming you always have the all the answers –  It’s one thing to trust that you will always arrive to an answer; it’s another thing to assume that you always have the answer.  Think of it this way:  If you hold a glass literally right up to your eyes, all you see is the glass and nothing else.  If you create space between you and the glass, you have room for more perspective and vision.  It’s the same thing when you hold all “your answers” up close to you without making room for understanding and knowing more.

3) Living with unrealistic expectations –  This goes hand in hand with perfection.   Holding on to belief systems (whether old or new) which are not in sync with your daily routine will only cause exhaustion, stress, and dissatisfaction for you.

4) Fighting the tide –  This says it all.  As uncomfortable as the waves of life are (and some days more than others), fighting it will only make it worse.  When curve balls come your way, feeling frustrated, angry and uncomfortable with the unexpected hiccup is okay.  Fighting the curve ball will only make you go from feeling like you want to scream like 3 year old to actually screaming like a 3 year old.

Hmmmm…now that would not be smart.

So there you have it, ladies:  Four imperative things to pay close attention to when striving to live a smart wife life.  Oh and by the way:  just because I write this, doesn’t mean it’s any easier for me.  I mean come on – if you think writing this post wasn’t also to help give me my own smart wife kick in the ass, then think again…

Come back Thursday for a Mother’s Day P.S.A….


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