How to Strengthen the Bond in Your Marriage in 2012

Everyone wants to know the secret to a long lasting marriage.  That said, I personally think there are several ingredients that can make or break a marriage, #1 being:  be an adult.  Both people in the marriage need to be the adults, because “children playing house” will always end in a disaster and for some people that can ultimately lead to divorce.  There are several other key factors that I planned to write about today until I came across this fantastic article: Don’t Bother Rekindling Your Marriage…Create Something New. The article is written by a colleague, Dr. Corey Allan, editor of Simple Marriage (an excellent marriage blog written by a very smart husband, ladies) and this is a must read article for anyone who is married as Corey outlines in 4 simple action steps on how you can bring back a lasting bond/connection in your marriage.

So here is your homework:

1)  Read the article Don’t Bother Rekindling Your Marriage…Create Something New

2) Start looking at/thinking about how YOU can implement the steps from the article into your marriage.

3) Send the article to your husband. I did.  Yes, THAT would be smart.

Make sure to check out Dr. Corey Allan’s marriage blog Simple Marriage and come back Thursday for more smart marriage tips.


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