The Key to “The Male Brain”

“We are entering an era, finally, when both men and women can begin to understand their distinct biology and how it affects their lives. If we know how a biological brain state is guiding our impulses, we can choose how to act, or not act at all, rather than merely following our compulsions. If you’re a man, this knowledge not only can help you understand and harness your unique male brain power, but it can also help you to understand your sons, your father and the other men in your life. If you’re a woman, this book will help you to interpret and comprehend the intricacies of the male brain. With that new information, you can help your sons and husbands…It is my hope that this book will help the male brain to be seen and understood as the fine-tuned and complex instrument that it actually is.”

- Dr. Louise Brizendine, “The Male Brain”

The above writing is from the book I told you to buy for YOU as a gift this holiday season. Yes, I’m still drinking the Kool-aid with this book and you should be too, because knowing how and why your husband ticks the way he does is always always SMART.

Need I say more??

Buy the book here and enjoy some VALUABLE holiday reading:


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