Your Picture Perfect Marriage (HUH??)

Last Tuesday’s post I shard with you the Top 10 Mistaken Beliefs a Smart Wife Must Let Go Of and today I’m going to get into the nitty gritty of belief #1 – Perfection Exists…

So here’s what I have to tell you: PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST IN YOUR MARRIAGE.

Period. End of story. Relinquish the Hollywood love story. Do it NOW. I beg of you…

Striving for perfection in life is only asking for one disappointment after another so one can imagine the plethora of dissappointment you will feel about your marriage should you bring the “perfection expectation” into the picture.

Here’s the deal:  Perfection is another way of attempting control.  Hmmmmmm…….don’t throw anything at me, but you’re not in control. You’re not, nor is the person next to you, your husband, your marriage, your child, your best friend, no one and the sooner you let go of the need to be perfect, the sooner you and your marriage will benefit.

Marriage is a journey with it’s ups and downs, this way and that way, sideways and diagnol, and every other direction you can imagine and the ONLY thing you can at least try to do is manage your reaction to the “ride.”  We’re all human and we’re all flawed, yet it is not only our imperfections that allow us to experience the most growth in marriage, but having the courage to connect to those imperfections and learn something from them.

Accepting the imperfections within you, your husband and your marriage will actually allow your marriage to thrive. So BE SMART and let go of the impossible.

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Come back this Tuesday for my thoughts on false belief #2:  ”He thinks like you.”


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