5 Ways to Increase Your “Marriage Bank Account”

As cliche as it sounds, it’s true:  IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I’m talking about the simplest, easiest ways to connect with your partner on a daily basis which (in my opinion) “put money in the bank” as far as your marriage’s health.

However, you may read the list below and think, “So what, Carin?  This is nothing new – I already know this.” Well then my response to you is this:  That’s great that you KNOW IT……………BUT ARE YOU DOING IT??

If not, then it’s time to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and think of what are the little things that will help this person to feel closer to you (and in return, you feeling closer to them):

5 Ways to Increase Your “Marriage Bank Account”

1) Three times a day minimum, make sure you hold your partner in a tight hug for at LEAST 6 seconds.

It may not sound long, but if you’re not used to consistent physical contact with each other, you may be shocked at how intimate it feels to hold your bodies close together without immediately letting go.  It’s also one of the best ways to increase your oxytocin (the bonding hormone) with one another.

2) Share with your partner often the little things he does which you appreciate.

We all want to feel appreciated. Period. Generally speaking, a man strives to know that his wife is happy.  Did he offer to take the kids to school without you even asking? If yes, then take an extra minute that day to tell him how much you appreciated him doing that. That’s always a sure “bank deposit.”

3) Keep the connection going even when you are apart.

Call, email or text:  ”I love you” or even “Thinking of you…just wanted you to know.”

4) Take the time to listen WITH attention to the topics, issues, and interests that are important to your partner.

Besides the fact that you may actually learn something new about him that you never knew, he will surely feel more connected to you.

5) Do bi-weekly  ”check-ins” and be willing to learn about each other with out being defensive.

How often do you check in with each other about the relationship, the connection, the marriage?  Companies do it. Sports teams do it. Organizations do it.  Discussing what’s working and what’s not working is imperative to make sure that YOUR marital team is working to the best of it’s ability.

So BE SMART and practice the above 5 points on a consistent basis…your marriage bank account “portfolio” will thank you.


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