What Men Want Women to Know

Being that I’m a woman telling you how to “be a smart wife,” one might think, “Well, Carin, that’s all fine and dandy, but you’re not of the penis tribe so how the hell would YOU know?”

And that’s a damn good point, so I’ve gone straight to the source asking all kinds of  men EXACTLY what they want women to know about men.  That said, today’s post is the first from our new section called:  What men want women to know.  Every month I will be sharing with you some of these men’s quotes VERBATIM, followed by my two cents…

In an effort to bring you the most honest and direct ideas about women and men, I hope that this new section offers you some helpful tips, insight and also some humorous fun…after all, humor is really the best way to tolerate the most annoying frustrations in our relationships (I know it is for ME…ha).

So without further adieu, here’s WHAT MEN WANT WOMEN TO KNOW:

“We are always listening – we just don’t choose to respond to every little quirk, complaint, concern or irrational discussion.  It is based on our fear of spending our entire lives gossiping like the ladies.”

Ahhhhhhhhh…interesting, right?

Yes, when he doesn’t respond to you like a female most likely would, it doesn’t mean that he’s not interested in what you have to say, that he doesn’t love you, care about you, etc.  As I’ve said before (and I’ll say it again), he’s NOT your girlfriend and unless he plans on growing a vagina in the near future, he never will be.

The key is to understand and ACCEPT these fundamental gender differences: men are simple – they’re direct and to the point (no pun intended) and women are generally more complex, gathering all the intricate pieces around them.  If you can begin to integrate this kind of thinking into your relationship then you are surely on the road to thinking and acting SMART.

image via cartoonstock.com

image via cartoonstock.com

For any of you men who are reading this, feel FREE to write me any time, day or night about what YOU want women to know about men.  That’s it for today…see you all back here on Thursday.


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  1. Ryan on said:

    That is some seriously wise advise my friend.

  2. Todd on said:

    I really enjoy your tweets.
    Very informative

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