Are you having the BIG “O”???

No, I’m not talking about Oprah.

I’m talking about the grand prize that each and every one of you should be flying high off of at the end of sex…I think you get the picture, so make sure┬áto WATCH THIS VIDEO:

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2 comments on “Are you having the BIG “O”???

  1. Rev. Miriam Lindbeck on said:

    Good Girl, Carin:

    This is a huge issue!! I would be surprised if the statistic of women having orgasms was as high as 25%, but halleluia if so!

    Religion has mucked up human’s minds so badly on this natural, love and health enhancing experience I want to start the conversation in the world on how to close the gap between our human natures and our spiritual natures that have been religiously damaged…

    So I thank you for telling women the clit has to be stimulated. The penis will not touch it, let alone get to the G-Spot, so if women could rejoice in the fact that we can have three different kinds of orgasms, we could be pretty danged proud and confident. If our men were educated and caring (we have to learn it ourselves to teach them) rather than feeling inadequate, then we’d be celebrating ourselves and our men would be hanging around us with their tongues hanging out…or kinda like a dog begging for table scraps. But boy does that knowledge and capability on both sides put glue in the relationship and knowing glances across a room…my man cannot get enough. And frankly, neither can I…!

  2. Carin Goldstein on said:

    Your points are SO well said and spot on (no pun intended – ha). And thank you for bringing up the religion predicament – definitely a loaded topic which I will address this week in fact!

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